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Charged With A Drug Crime?

Offenses relating to possession of illegal drugs and controlled substances can carry life-altering consequences. A drug-related conviction can ruin your career opportunities, make you ineligible to receive certain licenses, and can result in the suspension of your driver’s license.

If you are facing drug-related charges, you will benefit from the extensive experience of Adam L. Seidel, P.C. Whether your charge was filed in Texas state court or at the federal level, our experienced attorney will examine all the details surrounding your arrest, including:

  • The legality of any stop by authorities
  • Legal validity of any search warrant
  • Evidence linking the accused to the illegal substance

In some cases, the best course is to challenge a drug possession charge through a motion to suppress evidence hearing. If the motion to suppress is successful, the prosecutor will often dismiss the charges. If the motion to suppress is not successful, you can still go to trial or negotiate a plea bargain.

Could A Diversion Program Keep The Charge Off Your Record?

Some clients can benefit from alternatives such as Dallas County’s felony DIVERT Court program. Clients who gain admission and successfully complete this program can have their drug charges dismissed and their records expunged.

Some clients facing misdemeanor drug charges may be eligible for a similar diversionary program, which usually involves community service and drug testing, after which the criminal charges are dismissed and later expunged.

What Are Your Options?

If you have been charged with a drug crime, act fast to protect all your legal rights and learn your options. To learn more , email us or call us at 214-528-3344 (Dallas) or 817-230-4442 (Ft. Worth) or  972-312-1212 (Plano).