Limiting The Consequences Of Juvenile Crimes

Adam L. Seidel had experience as a juvenile court prosecutor before he began his work as a defense attorney. He understands what prosecutors are looking for and will carefully craft your case in a way that supports your child's best interests.

The juvenile court system can be more complicated than adult cases. There are more options available to the district attorney's office for alternative programs. This can work in your child's favor, including many options for sealed records that are unavailable to adults. The stakes are high in these cases and one mistake could drastically change the result.

Accusations Of Dallas Juvenile Crimes: Protect Your Child's Future

At Adam L. Seidel, P.C., we work with young people (and oftentimes their families) who have been charged with the following juvenile crimes:

  • Theft, including shoplifting and embezzlement
  • Drug crimes, including drug possession, trafficking and manufacturing. These cases often involve marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs and more.
  • Internet crimes, including child pornography

We understand how stressful this can be for our clients and their children. Your child's future hangs in the balance. If convicted, he or she could face jail time and fines that could ultimately harm his or her ability to attend a reputable college or obtain a good job. Our Texas lawyers are committed to listening carefully to you and learning about your goals and concerns for the future. Then, we will give you the attention you deserve as we help you and your child prepare for the best outcome possible.

For a good overview of the juvenile justice process in Texas, you can download the 2016 Juvenile Justice Handbook published by the Texas Attorney General, at: 2016 Juvenile Justice Guide.

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