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Change is inevitable. These changes can often have a profound effect on child support, custody or your parenting schedule. When these changes occur, it is essential that you retain an experienced attorney who can help you modify these agreements to better suit your current needs.

A significant life change often triggers the need for a modification. This can be a result of a change in employment, an injury, illness, a new marriage and more. The outcome of your modifications issue is as important to us as it is to you. We are wholly committed to help you develop an agreement that supports a sustainable future while comprehensively addressing the many complex issues you may face.

If you fail to modify the agreements, you could be at risk for facing enforcement, a process that is reactive, rather than proactive. For more than 20 years, attorney Adam L. Seidel has been working with individuals throughout Texas as they navigate the modifications process.

When we meet with our clients, we take care to understand their exact needs and concerns. By making this necessary effort to partner with our clients, we are able to give them the information they need to make educated choices about their cases. We are aware of how complicated and sensitive your family dynamics may be, and we are dedicated to giving you the respect and care you deserve. Our lawyer consistently weighs the costs of your case against the benefits.

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