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Choosing a family law or a criminal defense attorney in Dallas and throughout North Texas can seem like an overwhelming task. Your options are aplenty, and narrowing down your choices when you need help as soon as possible often complicates an already emotionally and financially stressful situation.

When looking for an attorney, most people seek a lawyer who is experienced, knowledgeable and will help them pursue the results they desire. At the law firm of Adam L. Seidel, P.C., we take it a step further. We understand how daunting and frustrating this time is for our clients, so we are dedicated to cultivating personal relationships with each of our clients.

We work with individuals who are facing divorce and its many complexities, as well as those who have been charged with serious crimes, including white collar crimes, bank fraud and health care fraud.

Forming Partnerships And Setting Expectations

Attorney Adam Seidel's clients often report that they feel as though they are his most important client. He does this by earnestly listening to each of his clients and maintaining a level of accessibility that makes them feel comfortable coming to him with any questions or concerns. He has been forming partnerships with his clients for more than 20 years and continues to develop a genuine interest in obtaining the best outcome possible for their cases.

"Adam knows the process and the courts so well that there were no surprises. We were so prepared and confident going in, that the other side basically folded. I hope I never see him again, but I would definitely recommend him to people who have tough battles they need to win." — Former client

We are committed to giving our Texas clients the information they need to make educated choices about their cases. We distribute this information in easily understood and digestible language. As a professional, our lawyer will help you set clear expectations for your case and make strong recommendations in an effort to help you prepare for a brighter, more sustainable future.

By consistently weighing the costs against the benefits, we are able to give our clients comprehensive, personally tailored service that is cost-effective and efficient.

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