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When A Family Law Court Order Needs Modifying

You may have good reasons to ask a family law court to modify your family’s child custody or support order. Perhaps you need to move to take a new job, pursue a new academic endeavor or care for elderly parents. Perhaps your income or financial needs have changed significantly – or the child’s other parent now has a substantially higher income. Whatever the reason, your child’s best interests must be a large part of the equation.

If Adam L. Seidel is your family law firm, you can count on your attorney to help position you for success. Your lawyer may help you proactively negotiate an acceptable agreement with the other parent. Or, if the other parent wants a modification that you object to, your attorney can represent you in negotiations seeking a more appropriate arrangement.

When Is A Family Law Court Likely To Approve A Custody Or Support Modification?

Perhaps individual or family circumstances have changed significantly. You believe you can demonstrate to a family law judge that a custody or support modification is reasonable and in your child’s best interests. In this situation, you may stand a good chance of getting the court’s approval.

On the other hand, you may save time and money if you and your child’s other parent reach your own agreement together. Ideally, you both should mutually approve of the modification that you propose before presenting your case to the court.

If there is resistance from the other parent but the change in custody or support that you are proposing is important, look for other solutions. If possible, avoid expensive, public adversarial proceedings before a judge and jury. You may decide to spend time in negotiations or mediation with the other parent until you reach a resolution. If you agree and can show it is in your child’s best interests, your proposed modification may translate to a new court order.

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