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When two or more people are accused of collaborating to commit a crime, conspiracy laws are often used to investigate and prosecute those individuals. Conspiracy laws can encompass many areas, including embezzlement, fraud, forgery and money laundering. Conspiracy is a serious white collar crime and is usually a felony offense. Because conspiracy itself is a crime, it is not necessary for the prosecution to prove that the co-conspirators actually carried out the planned crime.

If you are being investigated for conspiracy, you face serious criminal penalties that can damage your reputation and finances, including significant fines. Depending on the offense charged, a prison term can be imposed.

Adam L. Seidel, P. C. has assisted numerous individuals charged with conspiracy, or who were targets of investigations involving conspiracy allegations. Adam L. Seidel thoroughly investigates every aspect of a conspiracy case, and often involves his private investigator. If you have been accused of committing conspiracy, contact Adam L. Seidel, P. C. today for a consultation, at:                                                214-838-1008 (Dallas) or 214-528-3344 (Plano).