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Month: December 2021

Can I keep my house after my divorce?

Divorcing residents in Texas who own a home together with their spouse may want to try and keep their house after their divorce, but this decision should be carefully reviewed to protect both parties’ financial futures. It is not uncommon for a house to be a married...

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Is a peaceful divorce possible?

Mediation and collaborative law are two popular uncontested divorce options. These methods may reduce conflict and cost less than litigation. Getting a divorce may conjure up images of lengthy and contentious court battles, as well as icy meetings with exes during...

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Divorce and taxes in 2019

Do not neglect to take tax obligations into consideration when negotating a divorce settlement. Family law, like every area of law, is always evolving. Passage of new laws and holdings from court cases can impact divorce. How do tax obligations impact divorce?...

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