Changing Legislation And Health Care Fraud Charges

Individuals charged with health care fraud may have been in technical violation of Medicare or Medicaid provisions for months or even years before being charged. The consequences can be serious and include prison time and hefty fines. It is essential that you retain an experienced defense lawyer.

Confidential, Practical Legal Representation

Defense attorney Adam L. Seidel has more than 20 years of experience helping individuals in Texas who have been accused of a variety of health care fraud charges. We work with corporate professionals, doctors, and others, who are seeking confidential, discreet legal representation. We understand that your liberty and your finances are at risk. Your public and personal reputation could be damaged for a lifetime by a white collar charge or conviction.

Limit The Consequences

At first indication of a criminal investigation, seek legal advice. Schedule a consultation today by calling 214-528-3344 (Dallas) or 972-312-1212 (Plano) or sending an email.