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Individuals who find themselves charged with health care fraud are in technical violation of a Medicare provision that was recently declared illegal and yet, went undetected. You could be unknowingly violating these terms for months, or even years before you are charged. The consequences are serious. You could face prison time and hefty fines. It is essential that you retain an experienced lawyer.

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Attorney Adam L. Seidel has more than 20 years of experience helping individuals in Texas who have been charged with a variety of health care fraud crimes. We work with corporate professionals, executives and athletes who are seeking confidential, discreet legal representation. We understand that more than your liberty and your finances are at risk. Your public and personal reputation could be damaged for a lifetime if you are convicted. Even a simple charge can have a significant impact.

In many cases, as they shift, health care provisions are unclear and sometimes illegal. We understand how to carefully investigate your charge in a way that determines whether or not the prosecutors are protecting your rights and treating you fairly. We are prepared to work diligently on your behalf either on the settlement table or within the courtroom.

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